Mike and Ike Limited Edition Strawberry Reunion Candy (One 5oz Box),room ac,small laptops for sale

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80 hundredths-inches


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2017 HP Spectre x360 13 – 13.3″ FHD Touch – 8gen i7-8550U – 8GB -…
600 hundredths-inches
So far so good! Almost returned though because of the “adaptive” charging not allowing it to charge past 55%. Had no idea that this was something that machines do nowadays!

5 Ounces

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So far preforming quite well!!!

Depcious Strawberry Flavor

CPU Solutions Intel i7 3.6ghz Quad Core PC. 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, Windows…
This is a great little gaming machine for some low end Games Maybe some AAA gaming titles from 2016 and back (Medium to high settings at 900p or 1080p).

The Stock Lenovo Win10 OS is absolute garbage, when i started this little machine up it stuttered and was taking forever to download all of the updates it ran terribly, I gave it two days to DL all the updates and then I installed Steam and downloaded a few games (Tomb Raider 2013) and a few others mostly indie titles. There was terrible frame stutter so I re-installed the original Leonvo Image after it still persisted, after installing a clean Win10 image I DL from MS that did the trick no stuttering but it runs a lot better (no stuttering).

After I redid the Windows 10 Install from MS website it improved the performance by at least 10% in gaming (FPS) from the stock Lenovo OS.

1. This has a Single slot for DDR4 Ram so its 8 gigs or you take this apart and switch it to 16gigs (and that means it only runs single channel), it is difficult to take apart.
2. The projector is only 720P and has some serious input lag for some games (Indie single player titles were not that bothered by the lag).

I saw this in a store and thought this looks nice. I have 2 Nook tablets but I never really used them much as a tablet, but when I saw this and ordered it, I was immediately impressed when it arrived. This thing is quick and has plenty of space with a Micro SD card slot. To my surprise, it had it’s own security software, but also MS Office products and not trial versions. I wonder now why I waited to get this, I am thoroughly enjoying this tablet.



A month in, and I’m loving this pc. It’s got a small form factor and it’s pretty quiet, even under heavy load. I use it primarily for 3D graphics and Occulus VR development and it runs everything without a hitch. It’s very powerful for it’s size. It’s got zero bloatware. It’s mean and lean.

You can upgrade the ram to 64 gigabytes if you like, and the graphics card is a GTX 1070 mini, which means you may be able to upgrade that in the future as well.

Definitively worth the price.


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Package Dimensions – Width



646 hundredths-inches


HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Small Form Business High Performance Desktop…

Very nice quality satisfied with my purchase

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330 hundredths-inches

Is Adult Product


Item Dimensions – Length

79 hundredths-inches

141 grams

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Mike & Ike


25 hundredths-pounds

331 hundredths-inches

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