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The screen is in perfect condition. The only signs that this is a refurbed, product is the small scratches along the ridge of the machine. Otherwise it’s in great shape.

Case – Phanteks PH-EC416PTG_WT Eclipse P400 Steel ATX Mid Tower Case Glacier White : Such a beauty. Well put together, great finish, and the cable management opportunities are great. My only gripe is that it’s white. I’d prefer black (wasnt an option during my purchase) but it’s just a color so I couldn’t care less. (currently $100 on amazon)



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All of these components come out to ~1200 when you include a windows 10 key. So for $1299 with free shipping, that’s not a bad deal at all.

These socks are high quality. My son blows through socks all the time, and these are nice and sturdy. Gold to holds true to the standards I expected.

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Purchased this product because I wanted to upgrade my Surface RT and I’m on a budget. Originally I was going to settle with a Surface 3 (Because I couldn’t afford the Pro 3). Then the 256Gb model came up on a warehouse deal for 265. I will say, that yes, it’s a 4th gen core i5, however for my needs 8gb of RAM and the 4th gen core i5 is better than the Macbook Air i’m currently using. Thus far it’s done everything I need, it even came with Windows 10 pro pre installed!.

CPU – Ryzen 5 1600x 6 Cores/12 threads: Great value processor (bang for the buck). It could be argued that you’d save more money and get about the same performance with the 1600 (which also includes a stock fan). I didn’t mind the X variant too much. I was able to overclock to 4.0ghz with the click of a button. I will do some more tuning to push it, but you will need a new CPU cooler to do this (see next paragraph). (currently $230 on amazon)

Mobo – MSI Motherboard B350M BAZOOKA : Great board. It has all of the features you’d hope in a Micro ATX. Has M.2, though the location isnt ideal (however on a micro ATX, there’s not much you can do. 4 Dimm Slots @ 3200 hz support, UEFI bios. (currently sells for $90).

Works great

My final thoughts: Great value. They skimped on some parts but bought the nice ones where it counted. I’d recommend this to anyone.


I paid for shipping to send the ACER back to the repair company and they replaced the Mobo, the LCD screen the SSD and reloaded Windows and overnighted it back to me. It is now working like a brand new laptop. Raised my review to 4 stars from 2 due to how simple it was to have it repaired.
I bought this suit for my son for a last minute wedding. It fit so well!! He is 8 years old, slim (about 60-65lbs) and the size 7 fit him great. Quality is not the greatest but does not look cheap either especially for the price. I was ultimately pleased.

PSU – Thermaltake SMART 600W – Get’s the job done. A lot of computers from brands like this will skimp and use garbage PSU’s. This seems to be a great option. Sure it’s not module and the wiring is the ketchup/mustard variant (meaning the wires are multicolored) so it’s not the best aesthetically. However, whoever put together the computer did a great job with the cable management. Very well done. I was expecting to have to redo the wiring myself, maybe throw in a better PSU. (currently $45 on amazon)

Yes this is a bulky device for a tablet, but for a laptop it’s no heavier than most laptops you’d buy. This product is great for those who would like to take a dip int the surface line (Which I love) but don’t have enough money to drop almost 2k on the top end newest Pro line. Windows 10 helps breath new life into this machine.



This laptop was great, until it stopped working. Looks like I’ll be sending it back to Acer.

My only gripe, CHANGE THE FREAKING CPU COOLER!!! For $10 more you can get a decent coolermaster.

Buen producto,según lo detallado; y lo mejor es que se preocuparon en enviarlo sin querosene; lo que agilizó su pase en aduanas

1TB HD – Didnt catch the brand name, but it doesnt really matter. 1TB is used for storage of media files. I wont use it often, if at all. You can find plenty of these on amazon for $40

March 11, 2017 – Purchased from Amazon
December 15, 2017 – Error “no boot device found”
December 17, 2017 – System boots with a black screen.

SSD – Western Digital 120gb Green: Western Digital makes great hard drives. I haven’t ever owned any of their SSDs before. I know the Green variants are supposed to run on less power and are designed more for laptops than PC’s. This offput me at first because I want insane bootspeeds. Well have no fear, bootspeeds are just fine. 120gb is kinda small, however, I supplemented it with another 120 and 240 gb ssd. (currently $71 on amazon)

CPU Cooler – Cooler Master LYSB01G0Y6RDS ( : This thing is total junk and needs to be replaced ASAP. The red fan is not securely fashioned onto the heatsink and created a vibrating noise. If you plan to overclock, you’ll need to replace this. I was idling at 40 C with this thing. I replaced it with a Corsair H60 and it now idles at 37 C overlocked (34 C standard). (Currently selling for $12 on amazon)

I assume if you’re buying a PC at this price point, you’re into gaming, editing, or a heavy task user. I’ll assume you know at least a little about computers, but it’s best if I break down the individual components and review them.

I just got my computer set up and it works fantastically. It was well packaged and the presentation was great.

GPU – nVidia GTX 1070 FE 8GB (founders edition): Not sure who made the card (couldnt find any brand markings) but this card is great. These are currently impossible to find due to the cryptocurreny bubble. However it’s probably around $400-$450 of a card. The performance is stellar. All of my games run at the highest settings & 1080p. It’s beautiful. You can look up FPS for a particular game. So far I’m in love with it.

I am a 20 year computer technician. I have tried everything that I could possibly think of or read about to get the screen to display something, including flashing the mobo, loading an updated BIOS, replacing the HDD, re-seating the memory and testing for a failed display – all with no luck. I just hope Acer customer support will be reasonable to deal with.

These are so cute and will fit for a while, depending on how fast your baby grows. My 18 month old is pretty big for his age and still fits into the 12 month pants I got, gonna get some new ones whenever he finally grows out of them.

RAM – GeIL 16gb DDR4 2133: I cant actually find this ram on amazon. It’s a value ram, but seems to be OK so far. I plan to replace this in the future to faster ram. I’ve never heard of the company, so I have nothing good nor bad to say about it. (probably valued at $90 – $110

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