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picture on case is really pretty – worried not enough shock absorbtion if dropped tho…

Package Dimensions – Width

770 hundredths-inches

325 hundredths-pounds
I love Henleys but Henley blouses made for women seem only to made to show off the breasts of women, these are not as deeply cut and show off the style

-Solid build quality
-Portable form factor
-Battery Life (web surfing/word processing 6-9 hours)
-Crushes most games maxed at 1080p

nice metal box…wireless just sucks aside from tablets & smartphones…any box in the house should be wired–thats just me. their routers are great too

ASUS CM6730-US003S Desktop (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

I was on the hunt for a laptop that is ultra portable and capable of gaming/video editing. If you’re on the same path, look no further! The Aero 15X has it all! I can play Far Cry 5 on Ultra settings at 1080p while not drawing any attention with fancy lights and bright colors customarily associated with a gaming laptop. I’ve also played the Bioshock series, Battlefield 4, Dishonored 2, and Killing Floor 2 (too name a few) maxed out at 1080p with no stuttering or obnoxious fan noise. The Aero switches between the discrete and integrated GPU using Optimus smoothly depending on your power settings, however there is some ‘hesitation’ when you first unplug/re-plug the power cord when using the laptop in general. Since it has Optimus, you won’t get G-Sync, which isn’t a deal breaker at all in my opinion. I upgraded from a Sager NP8658-S (980m w/ G-Sync), and I can say the framerate during gaming is perfectly fine on this (and I’m super sensitive to tearing/stuttering). This isn’t a huge deal as it stops within 10 seconds or so, but it’s still annoying for a machine of this caliber. The keyboard and trackpad get the job done. I’ve noticed I keep typing 2 letters at a time sometimes, which I attribute to the abnormally harder keystroke required to actuate a key. The trackpad’s stock drivers work well enough and support multi-touch gestures (but no continuous scrolling as far as I can tell). The battery lasts for DAYS!! Just kidding, but I have seen it go for 6-8 hours with basic use (I haven’t done a full rundown yet) If you’re constantly on the go, you really don’t have to worry about being plugged in unless you’re using the discrete GPU. Speakers are on the weak side, but I can’t expect stellar bass from something so thin. Overall, this is a solid machine that will serve me well and I highly recommend it for those looking for an ultra-portable business/gaming laptop.


Package Dimensions – Weight

250 hundredths-inches

Product Group


Morton’s Coarse Kosher Salt



Morton Salt

Package Dimensions – Height

List Price

Crystals ashere to food and dissolve slowly for best flavor

Easy to measure

Have had this computer for about two weeks now. It is very fast and good for the price. However, I did have some issues. The screen flashes black when you take out and put in the charger. Also for some reason it does not automatically connect to the internet, I have to manually do it every time. All in all though, I do like it, lightweight for traveling, good battery time, very fast and reasonably priced for college students like me who are on a budget and don’t want to spend over $1000 on a Macbook.

BRCCF2TH PLC Battery FOR A06B-0073-K001, A98L-0001-0902, Alpha Drives,…
We love these shorts! My boy is quite husky and we have a hard time finding elastic waist pants. it is so nice to have shorts that fit for school, not pants that I made into shorts. These are comfortable material, not too stiff, and the pockets are nice.

Great for brining poutly or rimming magarita glasses

Ordered the pink one and a lavender one for my twin boys Easter outfit. The pink one arrived unbotton and folded like a rag and stuffed into a cellophane bag. Also, the material is quite stiff, and hard to iron all of the wrinkles out. The lavender one arrived like a new shirt folded and put into the company bag and the material is nicely soft. However, one sleeve is longer than the other. Since it is so close to Easter, and they are the colors I want, I will keep them. However, will never order this brand again.

***I’m going to kick this off with a shoutout to Mobile Advance for having awesome customer service. I originally bought the Aero 15X (with the Core i7) a few months ago, but it arrived with a few columns of dead pixels in the corner. Super disappointing considering Gigabyte was discontinuing that model, so I felt like I missed out on a great machine. Fortunately, Gigabyte decided to do a refresh and that is what I present to you today. ***

-Keyboard tends to double type a key; some keystrokes require more pressure than usual
-Trackpad is meh
-Minor hesitiation/stuttering when switching between battery and power cord

I will try to update this review as I get more familiar with this laptop over the next few months. So far I’m absolutely loving it!

Package Quantity


Package Dimensions – Length

680 hundredths-inches


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