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Premium 2018 HP ENVY 17t 17.3 Inch Flagship IPS FHD Touchscreen Laptop…
My 8 year-old boy, size 3.5 sneaker, loves these, and enjoys mixing them up (we got the size large). They’re snug cotton, the kind that won’t roll down. The cotton is moderately thick, although, knowing how my son wears socks around the house, I wish they were a tad thicker. But for the price and unusual style, you can’t beat it.

I bought this as a Christmas present for my Zippo collecting father, and he was very happy when I showed it to him! He had been on the look out for this exact one for about a month, so I had to get it when I found it on here for less than half of the retail price! The lighter came in the usual Zippo black box with a little Zippo pamphlet in it that explains how to re-wick it, re-fuel it cleaning tips, etc. The lighter also had the Zippo seal showing that it hadn’t been used, which is how my Father prefers to keep most of his Zippo lighters. It was shipped quickly and safely. Overall, a great buy for yourself or for the Zippo fan in your life!

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Gandhi Appliances – Toys

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Got this for a buddy of mine after he got deployed. He’s still using it today and the paint has held up pretty well with some minor wear & tear. I’ve heard sometimes the painted ones wear after time (as they would) so if your worried about that I think a styainless one is your best bet or something else simple along those lines. He seems to enjoy it, and it’s a zippo, so i’d say it was worth the buy.


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This IS a great computer and Dell still has drivers, etc. available.
A word of caution if want to use your older programs and printers or plotters,
There is a big difference between XP Pro and XP Pro (x64). I use Acad R-14 and an HP 450- Plotter.
Acad – R-14 will not install on XP x64. And there aren’t Hp supported drivers for that machine…
All that said Cravings Savings has been great!
Very fast initial delivery and on resolving the XP x64 issues.
I would highly recommend to those like me who do not want to constantly upgrade.
Particularly when their current version of Autocad or other programs works perfectly for their needs.


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Very nice outfit my son loves the lion on it good quality material definitely a good buy!




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Gandhi Appliances – Toys

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Gandhi Appliances – Toys
Gandhi Appliances – Toys
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590 hundredths-inches
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Got this for my 11 year old son for Christmas! He was STOKED! He LOVES Under Armour everything but I don’t love the price at athletic stores, especially since he is growing like a weed! When I found these pants available on Amazon for nearly half the price of what it is in our local store I jumped on it quick! What a great deal! I ordered this and a matching sweatshirt. The material and quality is incredible! It is very thick and built to last, even on a very active boy who blows the knees out of even the thickest jeans faster than I can buy them. The knees on these are still perfect! Not even thinning! He lives in them. I have to order more!

reevaluation … after some reconsideration and a hard wire mouse this is now working perfectly .. Now im 100% into this device . However i did have to update the system when it wouldn’t "Cast" YouTube to my smart tv but after doing that im as pleased as can be. It picks up my w-fi signal much better than my last chromebook. no delays whatsoever watching hi-def YouTube videos .

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